Top 5 Cool Office Buildings In The World

These office building mentioned in the article are going to make you sit in fire. The most desirable location for any person who would want to work. Offices are boring places where a person is running in the hamster wheel for six days a week from nine to five. Ask these people, they would redefine this myth for you. These buildings are cool inside out.

Here is the list of the coolest office architectural marvels:

1) Cybertechture Egg in Mumbai, India

The Cybertechture Egg office only has the basic shape of the egg. Unlike the plain egg surface the office building has a lot of metal framework that gives it a glamorous appeal. And not only this the egg has been titled in such a manner that is has three underground floors and upper floors are pretty high. It is a genius engineering and a contemporary style. Working at such an office will never remind one of Sundays.

2) Google office in California, USA

The number one search engine Google doesn’t have a cell and boxes kind of office. The Google headquarters office is the dream workspace for any IT graduate. It has slides to traverse floors and trees growing inside  the office. The most abstract furniture include a high rope trolley, taxi seat, furniture with trees painted on them etc. There is a play room and a music room. The comfort and luxuries are at par with the beauty and aesthetic appeal.

3) Blue core in New York, USA

The looks of the Blue core office will drive you crazy and it will be hard to resist regretting your life. The beautiful office has delicate designs and looks like a seven star resort. It has been designed by the wold famous interior designer Justin Huxol. There is so much of detail and the most exquisite interiors. The workspace has small cabins with soft cushions. There are pillars with sitting space just like a small nest, to allow the employees to sit alone and enjoy working.

4) SoundCloud office in Berlin, Germany

The workspace is casual. There are benches that almost give one the feeling of sitting on the ground. The furnishings from the furniture to other amenities like shelves and computer table tops have been designed with the at most patience. The office looks sober and yet is very dynamic in design. It has been mainly based on wooden floor and framework. So it is an eco friendly office place too.

5) Ekimetrics Office in Paris, France

The beautiful Ekimetrics Office lives up to the popularity Paris has when is comes to vogue. The office can put any hotel to shame by its eye catching interior design. The wooden hanging chiks from roof, chandeliers, gold embellished ceiling with intricate patterns and huge glass doors make the Ekimetrics Office more than beautiful. The working area is covered from all sides by a bamboo fence wall. Working at such a place will make you crave Monday mornings.