Best 5 Swimming Pools In The World

Swimming pools can be a really different thing when they have been designed by an expert architect. Unlike a rectangular pit filled with water the world has swimming pools with some amazingly beautiful looks.

Mostly they are a part of seven stars and five star resorts. So you will have to spend a good amount for getting a dip in them. Nevertheless these amazing swimming pools are themselves enough for persuading you to stay at the resorts and relish the experience.

Here we have compiled a list of best five swimming pools around the world:

1) San Alfonso Del Mar Seawater Pool, in Chile

The San Alfonso Del Mar Seawater Pool is claimed to be the world’s largest swimming pool. The stark blue water and the pool stretching to infinity gives it a look of a lagoon more than a swimming pool. It has been divided into two sections, one is a triangular dome shaped shaded swimming pool which is connected to a smaller circular pool. There is a wooden surface with the most expensive pool side furniture and catering facilities.

2) Hanging Gardens swimming pool of Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

The revolutionary architectural plan of the Hanging Gardens swimming pool of Ubud Hotel has been formed in a L shape. This beautiful swimming pool is like a natural water pond amidst the palm trees and lush greenery. The pool side has been lined by small huts and relaxing chairs. The entire place looks like a little bower. The leafy shade acts like a canopy.

3) Floating lake pool of Hotel Tremezzo in Italy

Built on the lake Kumo Floating lake pool of Hotel Tremezzo is a pool that actually is a boundary enclosing a part of the lake. It has two bridge to reach to the inner pool that gives a beautiful view of the Bellagio mountains. It has the latest features and facilities like jacuzzi and Spa. The Floating lake pool of Hotel Tremezzo is an architectural gem and indeed one of a kind. It is actually a jaw dropout.

4) Golden nugget pool in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Golden nugget pool in Las Vegas is an indoor swimming pool which is situated underground. It has been created in such a way that a partition separates and allows one to view your neighbouring marine life. It has doors and passageway, through which one can travel and sea the marine fauna. The pool brings you close with the hidden wealth in the deep waters, while you yourself enjoy a dip in the same water.

5) Neemo 33 Pool in Brussels, Belgium

This is the world’s deepest pool actually meant for underwater diving. The pool has wells dig in deep. It has been stated in the Guinness book of world records as the world’s deepest swimming pool. It has window panes made with glass that can bear high levels of underground pressure. It is not simply a pool as a lot of infrastructure lies under water. This one is particularly a diving pool.