Top 5 Cool Office Buildings In The World

These office building mentioned in the article are going to make you sit in fire. The most desirable location for any person who would want to work. Offices are boring places where a person is running in the hamster wheel for six days a week from nine to five. Ask these people, they would redefine this myth for you. These buildings are cool inside out.

Here is the list of the coolest office architectural marvels:

1) Cybertechture Egg in Mumbai, India

The Cybertechture Egg office only has the basic shape of the egg. Unlike the plain egg surface the office building has a lot of metal framework that gives it a glamorous appeal. And not only this the egg has been titled in such a manner that is has three underground floors and upper floors are pretty high. It is a genius engineering and a contemporary style. Working at such an office will never remind one of Sundays.

2) Google office in California, USA

The number one search engine Google doesn’t have a cell and boxes kind of office. The Google headquarters office is the dream workspace for any IT graduate. It has slides to traverse floors and trees growing inside  the office. The most abstract furniture include a high rope trolley, taxi seat, furniture with trees painted on them etc. There is a play room and a music room. The comfort and luxuries are at par with the beauty and aesthetic appeal.

3) Blue core in New York, USA

The looks of the Blue core office will drive you crazy and it will be hard to resist regretting your life. The beautiful office has delicate designs and looks like a seven star resort. It has been designed by the wold famous interior designer Justin Huxol. There is so much of detail and the most exquisite interiors. The workspace has small cabins with soft cushions. There are pillars with sitting space just like a small nest, to allow the employees to sit alone and enjoy working.

4) SoundCloud office in Berlin, Germany

The workspace is casual. There are benches that almost give one the feeling of sitting on the ground. The furnishings from the furniture to other amenities like shelves and computer table tops have been designed with the at most patience. The office looks sober and yet is very dynamic in design. It has been mainly based on wooden floor and framework. So it is an eco friendly office place too.

5) Ekimetrics Office in Paris, France

The beautiful Ekimetrics Office lives up to the popularity Paris has when is comes to vogue. The office can put any hotel to shame by its eye catching interior design. The wooden hanging chiks from roof, chandeliers, gold embellished ceiling with intricate patterns and huge glass doors make the Ekimetrics Office more than beautiful. The working area is covered from all sides by a bamboo fence wall. Working at such a place will make you crave Monday mornings.

Best 5 Swimming Pools In The World

Swimming pools can be a really different thing when they have been designed by an expert architect. Unlike a rectangular pit filled with water the world has swimming pools with some amazingly beautiful looks.

Mostly they are a part of seven stars and five star resorts. So you will have to spend a good amount for getting a dip in them. Nevertheless these amazing swimming pools are themselves enough for persuading you to stay at the resorts and relish the experience.

Here we have compiled a list of best five swimming pools around the world:

1) San Alfonso Del Mar Seawater Pool, in Chile

The San Alfonso Del Mar Seawater Pool is claimed to be the world’s largest swimming pool. The stark blue water and the pool stretching to infinity gives it a look of a lagoon more than a swimming pool. It has been divided into two sections, one is a triangular dome shaped shaded swimming pool which is connected to a smaller circular pool. There is a wooden surface with the most expensive pool side furniture and catering facilities.

2) Hanging Gardens swimming pool of Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

The revolutionary architectural plan of the Hanging Gardens swimming pool of Ubud Hotel has been formed in a L shape. This beautiful swimming pool is like a natural water pond amidst the palm trees and lush greenery. The pool side has been lined by small huts and relaxing chairs. The entire place looks like a little bower. The leafy shade acts like a canopy.

3) Floating lake pool of Hotel Tremezzo in Italy

Built on the lake Kumo Floating lake pool of Hotel Tremezzo is a pool that actually is a boundary enclosing a part of the lake. It has two bridge to reach to the inner pool that gives a beautiful view of the Bellagio mountains. It has the latest features and facilities like jacuzzi and Spa. The Floating lake pool of Hotel Tremezzo is an architectural gem and indeed one of a kind. It is actually a jaw dropout.

4) Golden nugget pool in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Golden nugget pool in Las Vegas is an indoor swimming pool which is situated underground. It has been created in such a way that a partition separates and allows one to view your neighbouring marine life. It has doors and passageway, through which one can travel and sea the marine fauna. The pool brings you close with the hidden wealth in the deep waters, while you yourself enjoy a dip in the same water.

5) Neemo 33 Pool in Brussels, Belgium

This is the world’s deepest pool actually meant for underwater diving. The pool has wells dig in deep. It has been stated in the Guinness book of world records as the world’s deepest swimming pool. It has window panes made with glass that can bear high levels of underground pressure. It is not simply a pool as a lot of infrastructure lies under water. This one is particularly a diving pool.

Top 5 Contemporary Stadiums Around The World

Stadiums are one of the most critical architecture developments. They have to have a huge seating capacity and at the same time each of the seat must give a clear view of the ground. While these stadiums have raised the bar of a high profile stadium, they are aesthetic architecture marvels too.

Take at a look at the world’s top five architectural marvel stadiums:

1) Bird Nest stadium, in Beijing China

The Bird Nest stadium, in Beijing has a capacity of 80000. This stadium is more attractive than just for the massive seating space. It was the host of Beijing Olympics 2008. But the real reason for it to come first in this list is the dome structure of the stadium. The stadium has a dome what looks like a bird’s news made of steel and Chinese ceramics.

The stadium looks a ball from outside and is a huge bowl inside!

2) San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy

It started as a single floor and now stands tall with three tiers and a netted roof. The stadium is colossal and has a huge capacity of 80,000. It has a girder roof that makes it look right out of a movie set. It was established is 1925. The stadium has a all seated plan. The roof being the main charm stands on four tower like pillars. The other facilities like flood lights, digital displays needless to say are at par with the latest technologies.

3) AT & T Stadium, Texas

The stadium with a gigantic area and the biggest undivided audience seating space, AT & T stadium is the biggest contemporary stadium. It has retractable roof shades that are of a single span and thus again are a architecture wonder. It has huge glass doors.

4) Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand

The Forsyth Barr stadium is an indoor venue that has been designed to give all weather protection to the audience. Nevertheless all the features of an outdoor stadium have been retained by growing grass indoor. The roof size is equal to size of two fields. And that roof has been located so high that a  twelve storey building would look shorter when compared to its height. It is the place for many rugby matches which is the main sports for people from New Zealand.

5) Michigan Stadium in Michigan

The foundation of Michigan stadium was planned for a football stadium. In the early 1990s it had a huge capacity for over 72k people. Today it maintains its legacy of being the biggest football stadium in the nation, and has a capacity for over 1, 07000 audiences at a time. The design of the stadium is like a pit dug in the ground. The stadium has half of the structure underneath the ground to provide a strong framework.

Theses stadiums are more attractive than the sports played at the ground. They are internationally renowned and stand as the most beautiful stadiums of the world.