Modern architecture is more of an outcome of technological evolution than history. With the increase in complications in the world, nature has offered a few restrictions to us, in turn of our selfish activities.



Ever since the first half of the 20th century , the modern architecture and the technologically advanced styles have come into limelight.


Father of modern architecture.

This honour has been entitled to Louis Henry Sullivan. He was an American architect who was also referred to as the “father of skyscrapers”. He has been a mentor to many pioneering works of architecture. He had also been into theatre creations along with his partner.


Revolutions of science..

The breaking away through the historical science was made in hands with the evolution of science. The engineering, technology and the chemistry behind the building materials had faced a sudden upgrading which lead to the desires of out breaking the stereotypes. The invent of systematic and completely scientific constructions had starting taking places with a fresh zeal.


The use of cast iron, plate glass and reinforced concrete were proven to build stronger, lighter and taller constructions. The manufacture of glass plate had led to the construction of larger window panes.

The main motive behind such evolutions and changes were greater accommodations within a shorter space. This needed systematic planning and better technologies.

Examples of such constructions of that period include

  1. The Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton in the year of 1851.
  2. Home Insurance building in Chicago by William Le Baron Jenney in the year of1884.
  3. The 1889 Paris Universal Exposition.

The elevator..

Another important invention of technology was the elevator. The construction of high rise, rather sky scrapping buildings had led to need for a system of transport within the buildings. Elisha Otis had invented the safety elevator. This had its first demonstration done at the Crystal Palace exposition in the year of 1852.

Elisha Graves Otis

He is the founder of the present day Otis Elevator company. Being an American industrialist in his early life, he had invented the safety device that prevents an elevator from falling down as a result of gravitational pull , in case the electric cable fails to work at an instant.

The advent of modern Europe.

With the inventions gaining a successful progress, a few architects, during the end of the 19th century, had started challenging their traditional styles of that period which included the Neoclassical styles and Beaus Art forms. These two patterns had been dominating the architectures of Europe and United States in a significant time duration.

Art Nouveau.

This is an international form that includes various modern architectural designs, especially the decorative arts. This included the carvings of various natural forms of life like the plants and flowers. This was often termed as the academic art.

Examples in Europe.

Some examples of architecture from the period of advent of modern styles in the European countries are :

  1. The Glassgow school of Art.
  2. Austrian Postal Savings Bank, etc.