A Style…

Owing to the curiosity after visiting the vast number of buildings; the huge variety of architectural styles; starting from the medieval variations to the modern ones; I have noticed that at every era, a number of architects have implemented their idea of design. Every architect definitely derives an inspiration from the works that have been grouped under a head, for example, the Islamic architectures, the Gothic ones, etc. However, at the end of the day, it is the designer’s creation. It is an unique form that makes our jaws drop.

Here’s a brief listing of some of the world famous architectural styles that have been encouraging the beautiful minds of our architects from all time:

  1. Modern architecture
  2. Gothic architecture
  3. Neoclassical architecture
  4. Classical architecture
  5. Victorian architecture
  6. Romanesque architecture
  7. Ancient Greek architecture
  8. Gothic Revival architecture
  9. Vernacular architecture
  10. Ancient Roman architecture.
  11. Renaissance architecture
  12. Georgian architecture
  13. Greek Revival architecture
  14. Post-modern architecture
  15. Classicism
  16. Italianate architecture
  17. American craftsman
  18. Islamic architecture
  19. Hindu temple architecture
  20. Byzantine architecture
  21. Federal architecture
  22. Medieval architecture
  23. Ancient Egyptian architecture
  24. Chinese architecture
  25. Sustainable architecture
  26. Baroque architecture
  27. Colonial revival architecture
  28. Brutalist architecture
  29. Tudor architecture
  30. Second Empire architecture
  31. Contemporary architecture
  32. Japanese architecture
  33. Dutch Colonial Revival architecture
  34. English Gothic architecture
  35. Palladian architecture
  36. Mission Revival architecture
  37. Edwardian architecture
  38. Pueblo Revival architecture
  39. American Queen Anne style

and there has a lot more in the history along a lot more that are on the verge of getting added to it.


Being informative..

Architectures talk. They talk of the past. They talk of those moments when there was life in it; when people actually reigned through them; when they were in their present. Architectures share all their memories in moments.

The reason behind the development and the importance of giving regional styles an elite place in the list, is that, it speaks of a particular region; their culture, their people, them at a particular time; it takes us into that regional present in the history.

The spaces between the verbal descriptions by the tour guide are filled with the captured tiny details of the carvings. There is a reason why the Mohenjodaro culture had their Great Bath; there is a reason why we have studied that the Indus Valley civilisation is about those well planned houses surrounded by the verandas.

The colloquial etiquettes are dug out of history through  these architectures. That tallest tower in the fort from where the king would see his entire kingdom all at once has a sentiment embracing its walls.


Our ancestors talk..

The moments in the past, when our ancestors had their present cannot be just a page in the history. The architectures tell us the way they lived and the way they loved.


We are all in bound within these peripheries of trust that these memories are strong enough to retain forever.