Lotus Temple: Abode Of Faith

Location :The Lotus Temple located in the Indian capital city of Delhi is actually the Baha’i House Of Worship. To be more précise, this temple is situated in Bahapur, a village in New Delhi.

Architect:  The name of the Iranian architect is FariborzSahba. He is now a resident of Canada.

FariborzSahba : He is an Iranian – American architect. He designs the Baha’i architectures. He possesses a Master’s degree educational qualification crowned by the faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Tehran.

Expressionist Architectural Style : This was an architectural movement in Europe. This indicated that the architecture contained the individual thinking and ideas of the architecture which may or may not be influenced by some established structures. They are outcomes of some emotional effect or portraying a thought through symbolism.

Baha’i House of Worship: This is the place of worship of the Baha’i faith. The Baha’i faith teaches equality among all people irrespective of their religion or caste. This faith is a religion that preaches the essential worth of every religion and improvises unity among all.

Structure :The structure of this temple is an inspiration of the lotus flower. This house of worship contains 27 freely hanging marble petals clustered in groups of three forming a total of 9 sides. There are nine doors on the nine sides shown by the petals. Each of which opens up to the central hall that can accommodate around 2500 people at a time.

The surface of this House of Worship has been made of white marble that has been mined from the Greek Mountain named Penteli Mountain. This is the marble using which every other, whether ancient of modern day Baha’i monuments are made.

Besides, the area in which the temple stands has 26 acres asit’s own property. This area contains ponds and gardens ornamentally decorating the temple.

Construction and credits : This magnificent construction of the beautiful architecture was constructed by the ECC Constructions Group possessed  by the Larsen &Tourbo Limited.

Larsen &TourboLimited : This is an India based multi – national company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The company holds its business interests in different sectors such as construction. Engineering, informational technology and some more.

Fund credit :A major part of the fund required for purchasing the land for this construction purpose had been donated by ArdishirRustampur of Hyderabad , Sindh.

Electricity : The entire temple glows using solar power. This saves the cost of electricity. The Lotus Temple is the first ever temple in Delhi that uses solar power as its source of electricity.

Tourism:  This place is increasingly attracting more and more tourists every year. To around 70 million tourists in the late 2001 to around 100 million tourists have been visiting this temple in the year of 2014 and the number is still counting.

Attraction : This places attracts tourists due its rich heritage of professional architecture along with art and religious works.