Top 5 Contemporary Stadiums Around The World

Stadiums are one of the most critical architecture developments. They have to have a huge seating capacity and at the same time each of the seat must give a clear view of the ground. While these stadiums have raised the bar of a high profile stadium, they are aesthetic architecture marvels too.

Take at a look at the world’s top five architectural marvel stadiums:

1) Bird Nest stadium, in Beijing China

The Bird Nest stadium, in Beijing has a capacity of 80000. This stadium is more attractive than just for the massive seating space. It was the host of Beijing Olympics 2008. But the real reason for it to come first in this list is the dome structure of the stadium. The stadium has a dome what looks like a bird’s news made of steel and Chinese ceramics.

The stadium looks a ball from outside and is a huge bowl inside!

2) San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy

It started as a single floor and now stands tall with three tiers and a netted roof. The stadium is colossal and has a huge capacity of 80,000. It has a girder roof that makes it look right out of a movie set. It was established is 1925. The stadium has a all seated plan. The roof being the main charm stands on four tower like pillars. The other facilities like flood lights, digital displays needless to say are at par with the latest technologies.

3) AT & T Stadium, Texas

The stadium with a gigantic area and the biggest undivided audience seating space, AT & T stadium is the biggest contemporary stadium. It has retractable roof shades that are of a single span and thus again are a architecture wonder. It has huge glass doors.

4) Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand

The Forsyth Barr stadium is an indoor venue that has been designed to give all weather protection to the audience. Nevertheless all the features of an outdoor stadium have been retained by growing grass indoor. The roof size is equal to size of two fields. And that roof has been located so high that a  twelve storey building would look shorter when compared to its height. It is the place for many rugby matches which is the main sports for people from New Zealand.

5) Michigan Stadium in Michigan

The foundation of Michigan stadium was planned for a football stadium. In the early 1990s it had a huge capacity for over 72k people. Today it maintains its legacy of being the biggest football stadium in the nation, and has a capacity for over 1, 07000 audiences at a time. The design of the stadium is like a pit dug in the ground. The stadium has half of the structure underneath the ground to provide a strong framework.

Theses stadiums are more attractive than the sports played at the ground. They are internationally renowned and stand as the most beautiful stadiums of the world.