Top 7 Wedding Destination Locations That I Love

Who doesn’t want to say vows to their beloved in a picturesque location? Many people are opting to get married further away from home. They invite selective people to the wedding and make it a more private affair. There are many beautiful and romantic locations where couples can get hitched.

As an architect I believe I have an eye for beauty. I have shortlisted some places all over the world that just ooze romance:

  1. The Big Island, Hawaii, US : You might have guessed by now, it is the biggest island in the chain. It is known for its diverse topography having 11 out of 13 climatic zones. North and East coasts are wet and the West coast has lunar like landscape. There is something here for everyone. The guests can go underwater snorkeling, horseback riding, exploring the beautiful rainforest or just spending quality time with their better halves on the white sand beaches. There is nothing like saying I love you to your woman under a sheet of stars. The best part is that you can get hitched here any time of the year!
  2. Belize: If you are planning a wedding, Belize is the right spot. Anyone who gets married here can’t stop raving about it. Belize is situated on the north eastern coast of Central America. The islands offer seclusion and give couples a chance to bond. The guests can just laze on the beaches and build sand castles or go under the sea and explore the fish filled waters. It is an incredibly lush location making it ideal for couples to get married here. To know more about Mexico, click hereResorts here like the El Secreto and Hamanasi are immensely beautiful.  They can also be considered for wedding buffets.
  3. Jamaica: If you wish to mix some adventure and adrenaline into your wedding, Jamaica is the place for you. This Caribbean destination is the perfect locale for romance. Jamaica Inn, The Half Moon, Rose Hall Resort, Rock House Hotel are great for hosting weddings. The three magical words appear even more magical when said on a wooden bridge suspended over the water.
  4. Venice, Italy: Who does not want to pull off a George Clooney and get married here? It is probably the most preferred destination around the world. The city of Love as it is called is situated on more than 100 islands. Proposing love of your life in this lovation is only one of the lifetime memories you guys will make.Remember there are no roads, just canals. And the Italian local singers sing in the language of love! Can you think of a better audience to witness your wedding than Italy?
  5. Seychelles: It is the perfect place to start your married life. Seychelles is that one place you would like to visit often with your muse even after you get hitched.Turquoise water, green forest and gold and white sand, isn’t it just perfect for an exotic romantic wedding? You can book a white sand beach for your pink blushing beau. Planning a wedding in Seychelles is like planning a wedding amongst cinnamon trees and bougainvillea.
  6. Bermuda: Pink sand beaches and clear waters make Bermuda a favorite amongst couples. Bermuda has a lot of British charm plus offers those in attendance, a world class scuba diving, shopping and dining experience. The quaint charm of Bermuda puts it on this list. Bermuda has a lot of history and beauty that you can discover like the old St. George town which is a British town with architectural treasures and looks absolutely breath taking in wedding pictures.
  7. Paris, France: Who would turn down the offer to get married here? Paris seems to have been designed only for love and to celebrate love. Paris and its beauty do not require any introduction. From the majestic Eiffel Tower to Champs Elysee, Paris exudes romance. Paris looks even more spectacular at night making wedding photographs even more beautiful. There is nothing like saying “Je t’aime” to your lover at a romantic sunset in a resort that is located on the banks of the river Seine. Every time you blush, this city of love will blush right along with you.