Best Christmas Decorations Around the World

The entire world is soon going to indulge with the Christmas celebrations in full fervor and pompous. people will get busy decorating their homes, buying gifts and sending christmas messages to their loved ones. The festival of Santa Claus and Christmas tree is incomplete without the elaborate decorations.

Long before the festival month begins, the decorations begin everywhere on the globe.

Here is a list of the best decorated places in the world:

1) Paris

The city of love and fashion!! For the fashion freaks and the duos, this place is the best. The romantic Eiffel tower is lit up with millions of lights. With snowfall and the beautiful decoration the city looks more glamorous than the entire year.

Pastry shops serve special Christmas cakes and puddings, French toasts, turkeys and fish fillets. You hear carols as background music everywhere. It’s a merry making time.

2) Sydney

Far away in the opposite corner of the world Sydney has a colourful Christmas, again a warmer destination. The biggest Christmas tree in Martin Place is a huge decoration.

A cruise ride in Sydney during Christmas is a only one of its kind experience. A beach Christmas is something where you get to do only in Sydney.

For the animal lovers Christmas can be spent at the Taronga Zoo. The markets are open at night hours as well. The carol concerts and the fireworks in the sky it’s like a real 3D movie.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and beautiful” – Norman Vincent Peale

3) Beijing

Though China doesn’t have a major Christian population, Christmas is celebrated with high spirits in the beautifully decorated city. The blue lights give a very soothing decoration.

The market is the main attraction for tourists. The shops are bright lit with lights. Some of the restraints serve the best of Christmas flavours. It’s a peaceful merry making season.

4) Mexico

The piñatas and the handmade brown paper candle decorations. This place is the most beautifully decorated for an old soul’s satisfaction.

The fireworks light up the sky on the Christmas Eve midnight mass. The pocadas are beautiful processions of people. Every house has a miniature of Bethlehem and is nativing. It’s a time machine’s destination to baby Jesus birth era.

5) New York

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is the most spectacular part of the city. Not one but dozens of Christmas trees are decorated. Rest are in snow only the main one is decorated with stockings, stars, bells etc.

The Times square has a bazillion things happening. There is confetti falling from the sky, the LED’s glowing like anything and the music hardcore. The crowd in itself is a decoration!!!

6) London

The Oxford Street has a different kind of light and a different colour the city looks like a rainbow amidst the snowy surroundings.

Wreaths hanging at every door, stockings, bells, Christmas trees and the lights, it’s a old style Christmas. The countryside is even more sweetly decorated.

7) Munich

Marienplatz area has the hundred foot tall Christmas tree. The entire city is wrapped in golden lights. The archaic buildings look even more authoritative and conventional in the traditional Christmas decoration.

It’s a very peaceful, silent and nostalgic Christmas celebration. The decoration is like a beautiful golden mesh of delicate wires, a veil of the city.

8) Tokyo

Japanese Christian population is not significant. However the Japanese are known for their brilliance and etiquettes. The floors are laid with lights like a sea of lights.

The trees are decorated with lights and goodies. The decorations are sophisticated and have the signature of the peace loving country.

9) Italy

The city on water Venice is the most beautiful sight during Christmas time. The ferries are decorated with flowers, wreath and even small Christmas trees,

Roman Colosseum in Christmas decorations will give you feels!!! It is the most beautiful royal landscape.

The snow covered roads reflect the scenic beauty of the country like a mirror ball.

10) Hungary

The entire country is a mellow display of lights. Budapest has beautiful lights crossing over the top. The street lights are decorated like old lamp posts. Angels made of lights are put up everywhere.

The roadsides are filled with Christmas trees. Unlike the huge ones, many tiny ones are all along the roads. It’s like a painter’s canvas!!

Enjoy the festival the way you want to, decorate your homes, light up your hearts and do the thanksgiving. Wish you all a merry Christmas!! Do share your experiences in the comments section.

Top Things To Do In Mazatlan

Believe it or not, I sometimes do take from architecture as a profession and hobby. During these times I travel to far flung places. Here is one of those places. I hope you too also take a break from architecture, buildings and designs and taste something different for a change.

Located along the Pacific Coast, at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Mazatlan is Mexico’s biggest commercial port and a sought-after tourist destination for both, land-based vacations as well as cruise trips. Once a party destination for spring breakers, the resort town of Mazatlan has emerged into a travel spot for families, older tourists and budget travelers. Nicknamed as the “Pearl of the Pacific” because of its golden beaches and marine life, Mazatlan offers attractions and activities to suit everyone’s tastes.

Best Time To Visit Mazatlan

The best time to visit Mazatlan is during the months of October and November. The rainy season is over, temperatures are in the high 80s and many hotels still offer very good deals, but to enjoy all these perks of the fall season, you must do you bookings well in advance. December to March is peak season so expect inflated hotel rates and crowds. June to September is a soggy wreck with frequent rainstorms. You can also save a buck by visiting in April or May.

Getting Around in Mazatlan

The public bus system in the city is simple to use and easy on the pockets too. If you plan to tour the town with many stops in between, you can opt for a taxi or rent in a car.  Another option to tour Mazatlan is in the open-air carts or Pulmonias. They are pricier than taxis but allow you to experience the local culture closely!

Must-See Attractions in Mazatlan

In Centro Historico or Old Mazatlan, check out the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a magnificent 19th century cathedral and your cameras will not stop clicking. Treat your taste buds to some delicious shrimp tacos and papas locos (giant baked potatoes) available with the street side vendors. Stroll by the beautiful statues of the Malecon and watch an evening performance at the Teatro Angela Peralta, the Opera House. Also, a must-see is the sea lion show and the bird theater in the Mazatlan Aquarium, the largest of its kind in Mexico. Take a tour of the Pacifico brewery that offers samples of ales and lagers only available south of the border and check out Pueblo Viejo or the ‘Old Town’ characterized by its cobbled streets and historic buildings. If you have time, you must experience the sunrise from atop the El Faro, the highest operating lighthouse in the world.

Outdoor Activities in Mazatlan

Water sports rule in this seaside resort town. Tourists can hire water sports equipment like kayaks, banana boats and snorkeling gear (for snorkeling & diving click here for more destinations) from the several tour and travel companies scattered throughout town. Jet skiing and kayaking excursions are also available. Surfing, sport fishing and whale watching are popular activities here and the city is home to the choicest of surfing spots. Birding and horseback riding tours offer a more easygoing beat. In recent times, golf courses designed by Lee Trevino and Robert Trent Jones Jr. have aided Mazatlan evolve as a golfing destination.

Accommodations and Dining In Mazatlan

Like most resort towns, Mazatlan offers a variety of accommodation options. Golden Zone or ‘Zona Dorada’ features most of the beachfront hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Room tariff is economical as compared to room rates in the US. Hotels in the downtown area tend to be less expensive but the rates rise as you move north and into the Zona Dorada. Mazatlan also offers a varied assortment of eateries, from fine dining restaurants to the budget ‘loncheries’ which serve only lunch. Mazatlan is home to one of the biggest shrimp fleets in the world, which is why fresh shrimp is usually on the menu.

Nightlife in Mazatlan

Mazatlan parties late into the nights. American students throng here for spring break and at the end of February, the locals get on to the streets with live music and dancing to celebrate a weeklong festival. Each Sunday night, the Hotel Playa Mazatlan exhibits a free fireworks display on the beach in front of the hotel.

Shopping In Mazatlan

There are plentiful of shopping options available in Mazatlan. Shop for local goods like pottery, clothing and crafts right outside the historic center. Zona Dorada may have the biggest collection of shops, but tourists need to be careful as this area is a major tourist trap. Mazatlan also has open-air markets and indoor shopping mall for goods like local arts and crafts, silver jewelry and souvenirs.