Looking for a home in Playa del Carmen? Overlook these 7 flaws

Individual tastes and preferences will always defer no matter what. Everybody loves personalisation as it gives a sense of ownership. There is scope for personalisation in every aspect even while buying a home in Playa del Carmen.

In fact a house gives utmost freedom to decorate it as the owners want. Therefore this should fact should be kept in mind while finalizing a house as sometimes buyers tend to put off a deal just because they are not satisfied with minor features such as paint or wallpapers.

Since buying a house in Playa del Carmen is in itself a huge investment that people don’t want to spend on other repairs. However real estate experts that home owners should deter from minor repairs or expenses. While deciding on the budget is advisable to keep spare money to cover some minor repairs which are as follows:

  • Wallpaper: This is a minute aspect one would want to lose a perfect deal over. The taste of buyer and seller will definitely defer hence be reflected in the choice of wallpapers. This doesn’t mean it is some irreversible damage. Very often one indulges in home improvement after couple of years residing in it. But there is no harm in doing it before one formally starts residing in a new house.
  • Kitchen cabinets: Style is ever changing and appliances of utility need constant renewal. This applies to kitchen cabinets as cabinet re-facing is an inexpensive task. With few extra bucks one can make the old cabinets and drawers look new.
  • Unnecessary wall adornments: Mirrors are common in this category which was a rage sometime back. With the changing trend one would like to put some wall hanging or painting. If none suits then one can simply paint it for the fresh look.
  • Window decor: One of the most noticeable features of a house is the windows. If they are done in a tasteless manner then it might put off the buyer. But one should remember that it gives an opportunity to the perspective buyer to incorporate in their rich style.
  • Broken heating or cooling system: Both are quintessential for modern day living. If the damage isn’t too huge and under control then the house should be given a thumbs up. Decisions shouldn’t be hasty as it might lead to over-estimation of costs.
  • Closet doors: Closets are essentials and it is important that they remain in perfect condition as valuables are stored in them. However a few missing doors isn’t some damage that cannot be repaired.
  • Bathroom grout: A discolored one is a signal for danger as majority of buyers understand it as a sign of a moldy house. They shouldn’t base their judgment on just what they see. A home inspector should be contacted to find out the real damage and whether it can be fixed with a little scrubbing.

At the end of the day it is definitely the buyers call but they need to be guided properly. Some issues which seem huge at the surface might be a superficial one. Hence a good buyer should go to the depth of the problem to figure out its impact and not stick to ‘seeing is believing’ phrase.

This is a post by our author of the week, Marco. He is a real estate expert and blogger. He frequently writes on real estate, travel and good.